Queensway Europe open 2 new stunning KFC restaurants this summer.

Every restaurant opening is exciting and an opportunity to showcase our passion for food, design and people. We know from market research, that the KFC brand is well-loved in Europe and our customers want one thing – more stores in more locations. With this in mind, the Queensway Europe team out in Austria and Slovakia has opened two new stunning stores this summer.

First, the doors opened to KFC Nivy in Bratislava, Slovakia at the end of July. This restaurant is located in one of the most progressive and uniquely designed malls in Europe. It combines a bus station, green roof and market with traditional and modern retail. We are delighted that the KFC brand is featured here and the store is fitting in strongly.

Secondly, at the beginning of September, the team opened the new KFC in Westfield SCS, the largest shopping mall in Austria. This is the 12th KFC in Austria and results from the opening weekend are extremely promising.

Credit and thanks go to the team for their hard work, dedication and creativity in bringing both stores to life. This takes the total Queensway Europe KFC count to 18.