Who we are

A family-owned business that believes sincere hospitality goes a long way.

Renowned for our warmth and sincerity and defined by our quality service, we are a family-owned business that puts people first. The Queensway Group invests in real estate which we operate across the hotels, restaurants & coffee houses and property development & lettings sectors. In everything we do, we remain dedicated to our principles as a company with a soul, a conscience and a unique perspective on hospitality


Established in 1973, Queensway Group is a business that believes in quality service and genuine hospitality. We acquire, develop and operate a broad portfolio of real estate across the hotels, restaurants & coffee houses and property development & lettings sectors. 

We are smart investors, with a depth of insight that enables us to successfully decide when, where and how to invest in development opportunities. With our responsible, agile and entrepreneurial approach, we grow our portfolio in a sustainable and pragmatic way. 

We have a wealth of experience in operating real estate cost-effectively whilst delivering great customer experiences. Our highly skilled teams work with world-class partners to create value for our company, our shareholders, our people and the communities in which we operate.

We believe in doing things differently. The sincere hospitality we offer our customers has always been key to the success of our businesses, and continues to make Queensway Group a great company to partner with and work for. 

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