Queensway celebrates with their first hybrid Awards Ceremony

In May 2022, Queensway hosted our fourth Annual Awards Ceremony, during which all the businesses across the Group came together to celebrate their collective achievements in person. This felt even more special, given the previous year’s ceremony took place virtually. It was an honour to spend an evening with so many people from the different businesses who had been chosen by their managers and voted for by their peers to be part of the celebration.

At Queensway, it is our people who sit at the heart of the organisation and make Queensway the place that it is today. We were lucky enough to see this group of kind, generous, fun and passionate individuals celebrated for being who they are every day.

A very special thank you needs to go to the planning committee, who used this event to highlight what can be achieved when the right people are put together. The team worked extremely hard to make the evening special for everyone involved, considering every detail and living the Queensway values throughout.

Lastly a huge congratulations to all our winners and nominees for all they have done for Queensway over the last 12 months.

Today we celebrate our successes. Tomorrow we challenge ourselves to be better: to each other, our customers, our businesses and the world.