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Queensway & Starbucks

We were one of the first companies in the UK to become a Starbucks franchisee, and we currently operate 13 Starbucks coffee houses across the UK. The Starbucks mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time. We believe in their brand, and we are delighted to offer our sincere hospitality to our Starbucks customers. 

The Starbucks experience

Starbucks is a globally recognised brand and their coffee houses offer a home from home for their millions of customers, with genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and a wide range of expertly crafted beverages, snacks and treats. They aspire to serve the best coffee possible, ethically sourced and grown to the highest standards of quality. At the heart of the Starbucks experience are their partners, all of whom share a passion for coffee knowledge, product expertise and customer service.

For more information about Starbucks, please visit their website.


Grande Lattes sold last year - our most popular beverage


Cinnamon swirls sold by our Starbucks partners last year


Ceramic mugs sold to our Starbucks customers last year


Espresso based beverages sold in our Starbucks stores last year


Cups of tea sold by our Starbucks partners last year

Our locations

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Success story

Georgina Price

Holding Store Manager, Starbucks Hereford

Queensway are really passionate about supporting our community. Here in our Starbucks in Hereford we have a close relationship with a local organisation, the 'St Michaels Hospice', where we have helped fund raise on numerous occasions.

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