​Tune Hotels UK Sponsors the Wharf Innovation In Business Awards 2016

The Wharf Innovation In Business Awards 2016 aims to celebrate the thriving, entrepreneurial spirit of east London’s smaller enterprises. We are the proud sponsors of the Small Business category at the awards. It is clear to us that innovation is a key factor which enables companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors both in the UK and abroad.

We brought Tune Hotels to the UK at a time when the increased shift towards digital meant customers were able to make more informed judgements when it came to all aspects of their life, including how to choose which hotel to book. The “limited service” concept where our guests only pay for what they need appeals to the cost-conscious, savvy traveller. Our hotels provide simple, uncluttered basics for a great night’s stay, enticing business professionals, tourists and travellers to book into central locations at a reasonable cost.

We are sponsoring the award because we believe that innovation is the key to the success of UK’s smaller enterprises. SMEs are a vital part of the UK industry and we are fortunate that our hotels are located beside some thriving business districts such as the corporate hubs of Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street.

We are excited to part of the judging panel for the award where we will be looking at how entrants respond to their customers, how they market themselves and how they operate in an efficient and effective manner.